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SURGE Women's trusted women’s empowerment programs offer the opportunity to reduce social inequalities and help tackle women’s issues by increasing access to education and vocational training opportunities for women. You can help support, and build on, the global movement to find solutions to empower women and girls by giving back on education-focused projects dedicated to women’s empowerment in the U.S and Guyana, South America. These opportunities have a strong focus on education because of the potential it has to enable people to improve their lives.

Many women and girls living in the communities we support face a wide range of social inequalities and often do not have the chance to complete their education or gain financial independence. Your support will contribute to the long-term goal of assisting social change and creating a society in which women have rights and are able to access education, healthcare and employment opportunities.

This work can also include empowering women through building confidence, developing financial independence, fostering entrepreneurship skills, and growing strong female leadership - all to support stronger, happier communities around the world. We want to build a cross-cultural exchange and engage with different cultures, ideas and perspectives.


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